I am a huge Italy lover and I think that Italy’s culture is very close to my own. I have been to Italy many times as I really enjoy it there and I think that its a very welcoming and beautiful place. One of the most memorable times i visited Italy is the tour I made of Tuscany 3 years ago. I will try my hardest to take you through my experience in Tuscany and give you the best recommendations if you ever wish to visit.

We flew from Stansted airport to Pisa. We had to rent a car to take us to Sienna the location we would be staying at for the next couple of  days. Sienna is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful cities (if not the most beautiful) in Italy. It’s a medieval city known for its art, museums and of course Palio, a horse race which was held during the time that we visited in August. It’s really very festive during the period Palio is taking place.

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