Autumn walks in Cotswolds during 2nd lockdown

Autumn is a nice season. Especially in the countryside which I am lucky enough to have around the corner. I have been visiting a lot of Cotswolds villages during lockdown1 and I can admit it is something that I enjoyed most doing. Now we are in the second lockdown here in the UK and I still enjoy a lot a walk in these villages. Helps mind to get away from all the sad covid news and connect with nature.

Cotswolds is a vast area in South central and South west England. Beautiful Villages with traditional stone made houses  make the scenery really unique. You can also find independent  shops with nice little gifts and local products. Some of the villages I visit very often are  Broadway, Bourton oh the water, Chipping Camden, Stow, Slaughters and many many more.  It’s also a place where you will meet a lot of cyclists and hikers as there unique pathways to walk and cycle. There are also a lot of nice hotels and spas if you want a break from the city.

Here are some pics! Hover over!